October 4, 2013 10:12 am

PowerPoint Jail: How to break out

by Alec Wiggin, PRESIDENT, aabalone[red]

Many folks think that PowerPoint is a form of incarceration – you’re trapped in a confined space with dense writing on a dull wall. This outcome, however, is mostly self-inflicted. PowerPoint, in fact, supports a host of technologies that are liberating. These include: sound, animation, and video. ask ted . aabalone[red] presented a “get-out-of-jail-card” demonstration of PowerPoint’s liberating features – as well as some essential do’s and don’ts – at the fall PAICR conference in New York City.

Click to view the PAICR presentation which includes our scripted commentary.

As well, we introduced the audience to a powerful new presentation technology, Prezi, with native capabilities ideally suited to telling a story, completely outside the slide-formatted structure of PowerPoint. We anticipate many investment management firms, seeking a differentiation edge, will migrate over to Prezi. Check out  our Prezi presentation.